Missing back country skiers rescued

Missing back country skiers rescued

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Coast Reporter
January 31st, 2012

Ian Jacques/Editor

Sunshine Coast search and rescue volunteers are being credited for successfully locating a pair of missing hikers on Saturday lost in Tetrahedron Provincial Park.

Sunshine Coast RCMP were called shortly after midnight on Jan. 28 after two back country skiers failed to return from a scheduled trip into Tetrahedron Park near Sechelt.

“The caller informed police that the missing skiers broke off from a larger group near noon on Jan. 27 so that they could complete a final run through the snow covered back-country,” said Cpl. Steve Chubey in a media release. “The skiers, a 24-year-old Sechelt man and a 30-year-old Kelowna woman, did not return by nightfall as they had originally planned. RCMP was advised that both skiers were experienced in the back-country and properly equipped for the terrain.”

Chubey said Sunshine Coast search and rescue were contacted to organize a search, which was slated to begin the following morning when daylight broke.

“With the assistance of a private helicopter, the skiers were located near Chapman Lake,” said Chubey. “The skiers, which spent the night in sub-zero temperature in a tree, were very grateful to rescue personnel. Both were unharmed.

“The Sunshine Coast RCMP is crediting the Sunshine Coast search and rescue volunteers for their efforts in successfully locating the missing hikers.”


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